High quality, consistent, holiday activities


The HAF programme will enable thousands of providers across the country to offer holiday programmes to children.

The criteria for the funding is far reaching.  To provide all the activities suggested can be difficult, it is hard to be a specialist in all areas.  This is where our Holiday Programme  can help. We provide activities in enrichment, PE, Well-being and Maths & English. This enables you as a provider to widen your offering for a cost of only £295 per activity provider. Less than 50p/day/child.


Wet weather, staff illness, cancelled trips

We know that the best plans can get interrupted.  For only 50p/day/child  you can have a suite of materials ready to use as and when you need them. From videos, to online quizzes to downloadable workbooks. All our activities can be accessed from any wifi enabled device enabling children to dip in and dip out in whichever area takes their interest.  

Simple delivery 

As teachers ourselves we know the reality of managing groups of children. Our programme has been designed so that children can access it without any adult intervention or complicated logins.  Whether they choose mindfulness, coding or design tasks it is all easily accessible and designed for children aged 7-13.  The activities can take between 15 minutes to 3 hours per day, depending how the many elements the provider chooses to use.

Mindfulness Graphic Circle.png

"What an impressive programme. I will be sharing this with our providers. It is a great way to enhance their provision."


- HAF Local Authority Consultant