High quality, consistent, holiday homework provision

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Our programme is used as homework provision for years 3-8 across the UK and abroad.  Schools receive information on how children have scored and any certificates that have been awarded. Core subject work is assessed automatically whilst our team of teachers provide high quality feedback on submitted enrichment work. Thousands of pupils have benefitted from our materials from a range of schools. 

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Academic Enrichment Clubs  

Schools are using our "Afternoon Antics" enrichment sessions as a basis for lunchtime and after school clubs. For example, Paper Clip Club, Patterns Club, Technology Club. This is enabling schools to provide additional extra-curricular provision without burdening staff with content creation. All our materials have been designed to enable children to work independently.  Using the RocketLearn materials means that staff don't need to prepare resources or teach during the sessions - they simply act as a facilitator.

Assembly / Form Time materials 

Our materials offer great content to be used in form time or assemblies. Our short well-being videos delivered by an expert have been created especially for children in Key Stage 2 and cover a range of topics such as self-esteem and resilience.

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Materials for physical holiday camps

Our high quality videos and activities provide an excellent ready made solution for schools who may be providing physical holiday camps and would like additional support materials and self-directed activities. The mixture of enrichment, together with Maths & English, gives both teacher and student flexibility. 

National Competitions 

For each holiday we have an enrichment challenge, enabling children to submit work. All entries receive personal feedback from one of our teachers. The competitive element has led to some astonishingly high level entries - from stories, to art pieces to videos. The competitions appeal to a wide range of interests and all children can access and enjoy the activities, irrespective of academic abillity.  

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